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Which Face Mask Should I Wear?:

*use your finger or mouse to try on face masks in this browser game **


You Rule!

Hi. My name is Ashley. Blue Mountain Arts published

my first book, girls rule, and it's now

available from Target stores again with some new designs.

My other books have poems about the courage to

create and be real. And to follow your dreams. And just be 


You can buy them on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.  

I have done designs with Blue Mountain Arts, American Greetings

and V&R Editorias. This site has many of my current greeting cards, and products.

I hope you have a great day**

face mask by Ashley Rice

***hope you are staying safe** here are some cute face masks

sending you love good luck fun and a socially distanced hug greeting card by Ashley Rice
you're like a rainbow you are kinda like the sun you're always doing awesome things happy birthday hav a great one cute animated gif of rainbow and clouds drawing by Ashley Rice
happy friday animated gif by Ashley Rice
You Are a Girl Who Can Do Anything 2020 wall calendar by Ashley Rice

**New: buy super cute

2020 - 9"x 12" wall calendar

with skater girl on cover ***

Cute buttons: 
coming soon!**
greeting cards from Bella Flor by Ashley Rice

Wherever you go and whatever you do - hope your day is great!

girl code htmljigswaw puzzle of a girl power html page by Ashley Rice
girlpowerbutton copy.png
12borntoreadbutton copy.png

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Inspiring Poetry Books
cute hearts pattern wrapping paper by Ashley Rice

You are a very

special star in this



..go on and shine

go on and shine

go on and